What’s A-Synapse


A-Synapse is a 70-inch Digital Signage network located on Ground floor of AEON Mall across major cities in Malaysia.
A-Synapse・・・・"A" stands for ASEAN、"Synapse" represents a network hub for information transmission.
"A-Synapse" represents our goal to be the information transmission hub of the ASEAN region.

AEON Malaysia was established in 1984 as Jaya Jusco Stores Sdn. Bhd., when the former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahatir bin Mohamad made a request to help modernise the retail industry in Malaysia. In 1985, the first Jaya Jusco Store was opened.

As of December 2016, there are 26 AEON Malls in Malaysia, and of that, 81 digital screens have been installed across 20 locations as part of the A-Synapse network.
By 2018, we hope to have 100 digital screens set up in 25 locations.

Advertisement that is Easily Remembered

Using both information that is seen and heard, A-Synapse will remain in consumers' memory.

People easily forget information that is obtained only via vision, with 74% of the information lost after just 1 day. On the other hand, information that is obtained both through vision and hearing can be retained by approximately 2 times more.
*The above data is obtained from an experimental study by Ebbinghaus and NTL Institute (USA).

When information obtained only through Vision

When information is obtained through vision and hearing

With A-Synapse, we can help you remain in everyone's memories.

The Effects of Advertising at the Last Purchase Point

Gross Sales Differences at AEON Stores
A-Synapse vs No A-Synapse

Both Products A and B also had TV commercial advertisements, however there is a large difference in the sales when the products also had A-Synapse advertisement when compared to without.
*Compiled from POS data of a certain food company. Campaign was conducted for 2 months between the year 2014~2015.

  • Without A-Synapse Advertising
  • With A-Synapse Advertising
A-Synapse is an advertising media that has a recency effect on sales

When consumers see an advertisement near the tills, they will sometimes make an impulse purchase. When consumers see a recommendation from an advertisement before purchasing, they will sometimes be influenced to buy based on it. As such, advertisement seen right before making purchases has a large effect on consumers' purchases.
A-Synapse is a media that makes full use of this recency effect to guide purchasers to your products.

A-Synapse is situated at the
Last Purchase Point
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