AEON Customer Data


We conducted a survey between May 1~2 2015, with a total of 440 respondents.
(Researched by Cardas Research & Consulting SDN BHD)

  • A slightly higher female visitor ratio
  • 50% of visitors are Chinese

    ※Malays make up 67% of Malaysia's total population (From external data)

  • More than 70% are aged 20~40, Average age of 38
  • Average household income in Malaysia is RM5,000
    AEON customers with an average household income of RM5,000 make up 38%

    (※From official Malaysian Government Statistics)

  • What do you do during your leisure time?
    (Multiple Answers)

    More than half choose to spend time with their family.
    Many also choose to spend their leisure days actively by shopping or watching movies.

  • What did you purchase at AEON Mall?
    (Multiple Answers)

    More than 70% of the respondents came with the intention to purchase food&beverages and daily essentials.

  • What advertisements do you often see?
    (Multiple Answers)

    45% responded Digital Signages

    As railway networks are only prevalent in Kuala Lumpur and certain provincial cities in Malaysia, this resulted in low responses for transit advertising. However it is an essential part of advertising in Kuala Lumpur.

  • What social media do you frequently use?
    (Multiple Answers)

    Majority of the respondents use Facebook.

Did you see the digital signage at
AEON Mall (A-synapse)?
Did you see the advertisement from
Company A?
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